Tailoring and Ceremony Suits

The tradition dictates that the bride and groom should also dress according to the ceremony. Even if the spotlight is primarily on the bride, the groom's attire should also be discussed and admired. In recent years, bridal fashion for men has also evolved.

Trends always vary by brand, but dark and formal suits never fail and are, most of the time, the favorites. Deep blue is - or already has become - a trend. And with prints and textures, more or less prominent, in addition to some shine. Vibrant tones will also be a choice, with intense yellow, hot pink, and orange in blazers matching with tones like blue or white in pants.

Simultaneously, but no less important: the use of accessories. They are essential to complete the look, and the groom will not do without them. Socks should match the groom's suit. They should be long so that the skin is never visible. Ties for formal weddings should be silk in dark tones, plain or with a subtle stripe. For semi-formal weddings held during the day, lighter colors or more eye-catching patterns are recommended.

As for the watch, it should be formal and discreet, as the occasion is formal. Grooms should avoid sports watches, those with fabric or rubber straps, and extravagant models.


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